Water Storage Durban

DBN Plumbing is your trusted partner when it comes to water storage solutions. We understand the importance of a reliable water supply, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

With our expertise in water tanks, water pumps, pressure pumps, rain harvesting systems, and water backup systems, we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure you have access to a steady and secure water source.

Water Tanks: Our range of high-quality water tanks provides a reliable storage solution for your water needs. Whether you require a small tank for residential use or a large tank for commercial or industrial purposes, we have options to suit your requirements.

Water Pumps: To ensure efficient water distribution throughout your property, we offer a selection of water pumps. Whether you need a pump for domestic use or for a larger-scale application, our team can recommend and install the appropriate pump to meet your specific needs.

Pressure Pumps: If you’re experiencing low water pressure, our pressure pumps are the ideal solution. These pumps are specifically designed to boost water pressure, providing a steady and powerful flow.

Rain Harvesting Systems: With our rain harvesting systems, you can make the most of nature’s gift by collecting rainwater and utilizing it for various purposes. Our systems include rainwater collection tanks, filters, and distribution systems, allowing you to harness rainwater for irrigation, washing vehicles, flushing toilets, and more.

Water Backup Systems: Ensure uninterrupted water supply even during water disruptions or emergencies with our water backup systems. These systems include backup water storage tanks and pumps that automatically kick in when your main water supply is interrupted.

Trust DBN Plumbing for all your water storage needs. Contact us today to discuss water tanks, water pumps, pressure pumps, rain harvesting systems, and water backup systems.

Our experienced team will provide expert advice, quality installations, and exceptional customer service to ensure a reliable and efficient water supply for your property.